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“I’ve been lucky enough to have been trained by both Faun and Josh, and they were the
most motivating, supportive and encouraging trainers that I’ve ever been able to work
with. Their workouts are structured, challenging and result-driven, and these two will be
able to get you the results you’re looking for in the most minimal amount of time. I’m
thrilled to hear they are opening their own studio, and am counting the days until I can
work with them again! Do not miss out on working with this incredible husband/wife
team!” - Nicole M.

“I started my fitness journey as a client of Josh’s in 2014 and trained with him for more
than four years. He taught me everything I know about lifting and exercise, and he really
ignited my love for the gym. As a patient, knowledgeable, and skilled personal trainer,
he pushes his clients both physically and mentally to be the strongest version of
themselves. Both in group training sessions and one on one client trainings, Josh
helped me to grow my confidence as a female in the gym. I have had the pleasure of
growing close to both him and his wife, Faun, who are both amazing trainers and
amazing people. I can not recommend them enough!” - Rebecca B.

“On a January 2nd, 2017 my life changed for the better. On this day, I met Faun Yodice
and we started training together. Since then I have become healthier, stronger, braver,
more confident, and overall happier. She is not just my personal trainer but a valued
friend. A friend who truly cares about your fitness goals and pushes you hard to achieve
them. A mentor who sacrifices her own wellness for yours. I have not met anyone more
flexible ( in both senses of the word) then Faun. Anyone would be lucky to have Faun as
their personal trainer #lifechanger #punisher #afriendinfaun”
Best - Deb L.

“Faun Yodice is, simply put, the best trainer I have ever worked with. At the age of 43, I
am in the best shape of my life. Everywhere I go, people ask me what I do to stay in the
shape that I am in. Her workouts are creative and challenging, and she has transformed
the way that I exercise. She has helped and motivated me to reach my maximum
potential of health and fitness.” - Dori A.

“I would highly recommend Faun as a personal trainer. She is diligent, knowledgeable,
focused, and reliable. A true professional. I have found sessions with Faun challenging,
but most importantly they are varied and fun. She strikes the right balance between
motivating and pushing me to my best potential. With Faun’s guidance and support, I
have become much stronger, and 5 years on I continue to see my fitness and energy
levels improve as a result of my weekly sessions with her.” - Kelly G.

“I’ve trained with Josh for the past three years and have had nothing but an amazing
experience. From teaching the basics to Olympic lifts, he knows it all. Unlike many
trainers, he’ll teach you proper form and give you the optimal ways to get in shape and

stay healthy. Because of his experience, personality, drive, and love for what he does,
he’s by far the best trainer I’ve ever met.” - Jack M.

“I first started to train with Josh when I was 13 years old. I came to him wanting to get
into shape, change bad eating habits and become overall healthier. I remember my first
session with him - I arrived embarrassed that I needed a trainer and scared of what I
couldn’t do. However, over the course of the session, he made me feel so much more
comfortable. He was able to explain the complex mechanisms of the body to me in
simplified terms that I was finally able to understand. For the first time I understood how
different exercises have a direct impact on a particular group of muscles. I was amazed
at his knowledge of the anatomy of the human body. However, I was even more
impressed by tenacity to bring a cheerful and upbeat disposition to every single session.
Josh was able to make me improve my endurance, technique, and most importantly my

For the past four years I have trained with Josh, learning new exercises and lessons
that have changed the way that I approach life. One of the things that I love about
training with Josh is that he is not afraid to tell you when you are performing an exercise
wrong or have improper technique. Not only does it correct it in order to prevent further
injury, but he explains how I can improve in the future. Additionally, over the years we
have bonded over a mutual love for food, but through my sessions with Josh I was able
to comprehend how proper dietary habits play a large role in my life. After working out,
all I crave is pizza and carbs, but Josh has taught me how to supplement the fatty foods
for lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

The years I have trained with Josh have been amazing! I was able to implement a
healthier lifestyle by exercising regularly, eating right and having a positive mindset.
One of the lessons that Josh has taught me, from conversations to grueling workouts
has been the importance of trying your very best into everything that you set your mind
on. I have learned that although it may be difficult to stick with a goal, in the end,
everything pays off!” - Kiran S.

“I thought I would do a few sessions with a trainer and then work out on my own again
but 4 years later I'm still loving my workouts with Josh. He makes working out fun,
challenging and effective! His workouts have been a noticeable difference in my life. It's
an hour that I always look forward to . ” - Leslie B.

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