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- Ski Erg

- Rogue Assault Bike

- Concept 2 Rower

- Spirit Treadmill

Turf (600 square feet)/Functional Fitness Area

- Kettlebells ranging from 8kg - 32kg

- Battle Ropes

- Med Balls

- Slam Balls


- Bosu/Terra Core

- Sleds

- Tires

- Sledgehammers

- Plyo Boxes

- Agility Equipment

- Balance Equipment - And more...

Free Weight Area

- Dumbbells ranging from 5-50lbs

- Adjustable Benches

- Cable Equipment and Attachments -


- Over 1000lbs in Plates

Lifting Equipment

- 2 Power Racks - Low Row

- Lat Pulldown

- Glute/Ham Developer

- Force USA Monster 45 Degree

Leg Press/Hack

Squat Combo

The equipment is hand selected by personal trainers to provide clients with the most beneficial and quality equipment. This will ensure workouts are varied in order to constantly challenge the body while keeping the mind entertained. Our clients always look forward to a fun and creative workout, instead of the same redundant exercises. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you! #be_relentless

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