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Faun and Josh Yodice are animal lovers and devoted rescue advocates. In 2018, they lost their
rescue Shar Pei, Meaty to lymphoma and kidney failure. Their remaining dog, Nugget was very
lonely and withdrawn after losing her sidekick. Through a mutual friend, they discovered
Garden Rescues (now Garden of Hope), and fell in love with a pocket bully, named Max (now
Jax) and his heartbreaking story. After arranging a meet and greet with Nugget, it was clear that
the Yodice’s had found a match and a new family member. Jax was welcomed to his forever

As business owners, the Yodice’s want to support local rescue and adoption agencies and all
the wonderful life saving work they complete. They look to help smaller operations because
they are usually funded by donations and run with the help of volunteers. To aid the adoption
agencies to continue to help dogs like Jax, a portion of each personal training session will be
donated to local rescue operations. As fitness and animal rescue is the focus of the Yodice’s

everyday life, it is only fitting that this be their cause. Every dog deserves a loving home, and
every person deserves to feel strong and healthy.

Jax’D Fitness seeks to build a fitness community that is personal, just like this special cause.
Please consider adopting a pet or volunteering at a local rescue shelter.
Over the past few months we have been donating to Lucky Dog Refuge, located in Stamford,
CT. Please follow the link below to see how you can help this special rescue and all their
adoptable pets!

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